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RBJ Steel Fabricating Facility

Date: Tuesday, July 21 2015 11:00 AM

1415 Oakland Blvd. #200, Walnut Creek, CA, 94596
Auction Type: Absolute Auction

Description of Property:
(2) Bertch Plate Rolls, Cincinnati Press Break, Steel Weld Plate Shear, Marvel Vertical Brand Saws, 4’ Plate Roll, Tank Rolls, Welding Manipulator, Airco Rail Type Burning Machine,”C” Frame Press, Welders, Support Equipment, Toyota Fork Lift, and Perishable Tooling

Auction Inventory Photo

CINCINNATI Hydraulic Press Brake, Mdl. 1221, s/n 14204, 650-ton capacity, 1/2" plate capacity, 16' brake capacity, mechanical clutch.

Auction Inventory Photo

STEEL WELD Plate Shear, Mdl. 80-12, s/n M-4750, 1/2" plate capacity, 12' shear capacity, back gauge, mechanical clutch.

Hydraulic “C” Frame Press, 100-ton capacity.

Auction Inventory Photo

BERTCH Plate Roll, 1-1/4" plate capacity, 10' plate length capacity, s/n M-7502.

Auction Inventory Photo

BERTCH Plate Roll, 3/4" plate capacity, 12' plate length capacity, Micro-Speed MX control, s/n 7134.

Auction Inventory Photo

3/16" X 5' Plate Roll.

Auction Inventory Photo

PANDJIRIS Turning Rolls, 30-ton roll capacity, 20" dia. wheels.

Auction Inventory Photo

TRIUMPH Plate Beveler, Mdl. TKFB100.

HECK Beveler Mill, Mdl. 800, 1" plate cap.

Auction Inventory Photo

AIRCO Rail Type Burning Machine, Mdl. 14L71B, s/n 4824, (5) torch burner, 10' x 40' table torch capacity.

Auction Inventory Photo

1990 THERMAL PAK 10x Plasma Cutting Machine, s/n N81111A18350K.

VICTOR No. 10 Track Burner.

BUGO Track Burner.

KOIKIE Mini-Mantis II Beam Cutting Machine.

Auction Inventory Photo
Auction Inventory Photo

WEIGMAN & ROSE Welding Manipulator, s/n 387089, 12' vertical travel, 14-1/2" radial arm in and out, Lincoln R35

Contact Information:

Contact: Ryan Ashman
Company: Ashman Company Auctioneers & Appraisers
Address: 1415 Oakland Blvd. #200, Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Phone: (925) 256-8111

Payment Terms:
Cash, cashier’s check, wire transfer or business check accompanied by a bank letter. FULL SETTLEMENT TO BE MADE DAY OF SALE. All sales are final and are payable at the conclusion of the sale. A buyer’s premium and sales tax will be charged on all purchases.

Auction Item Removal:
Cost, responsibility, and risk of removal of purchases remain with the purchaser. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to restore/repair all real or personal property that is altered or damaged as a result of the removal. Purchases must be removed from the premises in the time allocated as announced and/or posted by the Auctioneers. Ashman Company reserves the right to charge the purchaser for the costs of storage and/or disposal beyond the removal period. Items not picked up in the time allocated will be considered abandoned. NO purchases may be removed until after the conclusion of the sale. No claims of any kind shall be allowed for any item not removed or after an item has been removed by the purchaser.

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