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Date: Tuesday, May 13 2014 11:00 AM

1415 Oakland Blvd. #200, Walnut Creek, CA, 94596
Auction Type: Absolute Auction

Description of Property:
ACCURPRESS CNC Press Brake, SPIRAL-HELIX Coil Machine, CYBERMATION CNC Plasma, IOWA Precision Coil Line, WYSONG H52 Shear, (2) Lock Formers, (3) Trucks, (2) Forklifts, Air Compressor & Dryer, Pipe Threaders, Support Equipment, Large Quantity of Power Tools, Large Quantity of Plumbing Fixtures & More

Auction Inventory Photo

1987 ACCUPRESS 130-Ton Hydraulic Press Brake, 12' bed, back gauging, Mdl. 713012, s/n 1117.

Auction Inventory Photo

Auction Inventory Photo

48" Coil Line w/IOWA Precision Knotcher/Beader, Mdl. AMB60TDC/SD, s/n ANBTDC891, Welty Way feeder/shear, 18-gauge Econo shear, s/n F6106906, w/(4) decoilers.

Auction Inventory Photo

Auction Inventory Photo

Auction Inventory Photo

CYBER MOTION, INC. Series 700 CNC Plasma Table, 5' x 10' double bed, Hypertherm Powermax 1000 G-3 series power source, Mdl. GXA600, s/n H51201.

Auction Inventory Photo

SPIRAL HELIX, INC. Type 100 Automatic Hydraulic Tube Former, 5"-46" cap., (2) 7" run-off tables and roll dies, s/n 02040602.


2003 ROTHEMBERGER Mdl. Thread-O-Matic 44A Pipe Threading Machine, 1/2"-4" cap., s/n 3297.

Auction Inventory Photo

COLLINS MACHINE CORP. Mdl. Thread-O-Matic 22A Pipe Threading Machine, 1/2"-2" cap., s/n 3563.

Auction Inventory Photo

WYSONG Mdl. H-52 Power Shear, 52" x 18-gauge cap., 26" support arms, foot control, s/n H52-139.

Auction Inventory Photo

PEXTO Mdl. 299C Circle Cutter, 20" cap., foot control, s/n 6X73.

Auction Inventory Photo

(2) THOR TOOL & DIE CO. Mdl. 200-2 Pneumatic Corner Knotchers.

THOR TOOL & DIE CO. Mdl. 200 Pneumatic Knotcher.

Auction Inventory Photo

ROTEX Mdl. 18 Rotary Punch, s/n 461018.

TROJAN RIVET Rivet Setting Machine, 12" throat.

NATIONAL RIVET & MFG. CO. Rivet Setting Machine, 16" throat and foot control.

NIAGARA No. 4 36" Hand Brake.

Auction Inventory Photo

THE LOCKFORMER (Cleat Former), 22 gauge cap., s/n TRI-158.

Auction Inventory Photo

THE LOCK FORMER (Cliprol) Mdl. 7 1/8, 22

Contact Information:

Contact: Ryan Ashman
Company: Ashman Company Auctioneers & Appraisers
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