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Starts: WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 9 AT 11:00 A.M.

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Auction Type: Public Auction

Auction Highlights:
Lathes, Vertical Turret Lathes, Mills, Saws, Support Machinery, Tooling, Inspection, & Forklift

Contact Information

Contact:  Ryan Ashman
Phone:  (925) 256-8111
Fax:  (925) 256-8436



MONARCH Mdl. 30NN 50" x 228" Geared Head Lathe, s/n 18317, w/6–303 RPM, 16-speeds, taper attachment, inch threading, power feeds, tailstock, (2) steadyrests, 36' 4-jaw chuck, 24" 3-jaw chuck.

AMERICAN PACEMAKER Hydraulic Cross Center Duplicating Lathe, s/n NA, w/32" cap., 7.5–750 geared RPM, hydraulic tracer attachment, tailstock.

SUMMIT 21" x 192" Gap Bed Lathe, s/n NA, w/15–1,600 RPM, taper attachment, inch/metric threading, 12" 3-jaw chuck.

AXELSON Mdl. 20 20" x 91" Geared Head Lathe, s/n 2572, w/9.5–721 RPM, 24-speeds, taper attachment, inch threading, tailstock, 23-5/8" actual swing, 18" 4-jaw chuck.

AXELSON Mdl. 20 20" x 67" Geared Head Lathe, s/n 972, w/10.5–792 RPM, taper attachment, inch threading, tailstock, 23-5/8" max swing, 67" between centers.

AMERICAN Style "C" 16" x 78" Geared Head Lathe, s/n NA, w/20–2,170 RPM, Zip-Shift gear drive, taper attachment, inch threading, tailstock, 21" actual swing, 18" 4-jaw chuck.

AXELSON Mdl. 16 16" x 54" Geared Head Lathe, s/n 2034, w/13–849 RPM, taper attachment, inch threading, tailstock, 19" max. swing.


MONARCH Mdl. 16"CW 16" x 126" Geared Head Lathe, s/n 29461, w/17–700 RPM, 16-speeds, taper attachment, inch threading, tailstock, 18-1/2" actual swing, power feeds, 12" 3-jaw chuck.

JANIN FIRST Mdl. J-360A 14" x 40" Gap Bed Lathe, s/n 223, w/Sargon DRO, 38–2,000 RPM, inch/metric threading, tailstock, power feeds, KDK tool post, 8" 3-jaw chuck, coolant.

HARDINGE Mdl. HC Hand Chucker, s/n HC-5805-T, w/125–3,000 RPM, 8-station turret, power feeds, Trava-Dial, 5C collet closer, cutoff attachment.


LeBLOND Lathe, w/dial change RPM, Tailstock, 5-station turret assembly, 4-jaw chuck. LYON Lathe, w/tailstock, indexable tool post.

WARNER & SWASEY No. 2 Turret Lathe, s/n NA, w/dial change RPM, 6-station turret, power feeds, 18" 4-jaw chuck.

Vertical Turret Lathes

BULLARD 50" Vertical Turret Lathe, s/n NA, w/5-station turret, indexable facing / turning head, 50" chuck.

BULLARD 24" Vertical Turret Lathe, s/n 21704, w/15 hp. motor, 5-station turret, facing/turning head attachment, power feeds.


BRIDGEPORT Series II Vertical Mill, s/n 1367, w/4 hp. motor, 50–3,500 dial change RPM, box ways, power feeds, power quill feed, 11" x 58" table.

BRIDGEPORT Vertical Mill, s/n 154231, w/1.5 hp. motor, 60–4,200 dial change RPM, 4" riser, power feed, 9" x 42" table.

BRIDGEPORT Vertical Mill, s/n 1374244, w/1.5 hp. motor, 60–4,200 dial change RPM, 9" x 42" table.

TREE Mdl. 2VG Vertical Mill, s/n 76, w/3 hp. motor, dial change RPM, quick-change spindle tooling, power feeds, 10-1/2" x 48" table.

GRAVES Horizontal Mill, s/n 45699, w/25–1,250 RPM, 45-taper spindle, power feeds, 12" x 60" table. MILWAUKEE Vertical Mill.

SELLERS Horizontal Boring Mill, disassembled.


JET Mdl. BS-20A 20" Hydraulic Horizontal Band Saw, s/n NA, w/hydraulic clamping, hydraulic down-feed, coolant.


DoALL "36 Zephyr" 36" Vertical Band Saw, s/n HS4749136, w/2,000-10,000 dial change FPM, 36" x 36" miter table, 17" x 36" side support table.


PEHAKA Roboter-250 Horizontal Band Saw, s/n NA, w/Pehaka controls, manual clamping, chip conveyor, coolant.

CRAFTSMAN 10" Tilting Arbor Table Saw.

Support Machinery

SUPERMAX/KAO MING Mdl. KMR-1100H 12" Column x 30" Radial Arm Drill, s/n 1527, w/54–1,677 RPM, 9-speeds, power column, power feeds, 30" x 48" working base area, 19-1/2" x 25-3/4" x 15-3/4" T-slot tooling block.

GOULD 24" Shaping Machine, s/n NA, w/rotating tooling block, vise.


PRATT & WHITNEY Mdl. 1E Jig Boring Machine, s/n NA, w/rotary table.

SUNNEN Mdl. MBB-290D Honing Machine, s/n 16649, w/12-speeds.

FOWLER/CUTTERMASTER Mdl. 57-900-000 Tool and Cutter Grinder, s/n 177-294, w/compound grinding head, 5C air fixture.


BILSTEIN Engine Flush Machine, w/digital controls and accessories.

GENERAL 2 Hp. Horizontal Air Compressor, w/2-stage pump, 60-gallon tank.


WALKER-TURNER 6-Head Gang Drill Press, s/n NA, w/Mdl. 70-400 drill heads, 24-3/4" x 106" table.


MILLER Syncrowave 250 CC-AC/DC Welding Power Source, s/n KF848644, w/Bernard cooler.

MILLER SR-150-32 DC Arc Welding Power Source, s/n HD658652, w/Bernard cooler.


KURT 8" Angle-Lock Vise; (150) CAT and NTMB Taper Tooling; Approx. (50) Machine Chucks, 12"–24", 3- and 4-jaws; Face Plates, 12"–48"; LIBERTY PRODUCTS Variable Angle Milling Cutter; (40) 3J Collets; (35) 5C Collets; KDK Tool Posts and Holders; BUX Magnetic Base Drill; MAKITA Rotary Hammer; BOSCH Hammer Drill; (2) MK Tile Saws; INGERSOLL RAND Pneumatic Saw-Zall; MAKITA Worm Drive Circular Saw; CRAFTSMAN Worm Drive Circular Saw; Angle Grinders; Misc. Pad Sanders; DeWALT 14" Abrasive Saw; (4) MINUTEMAN Broach Sets; (2) HUOT Drill Cabinets; Taper Shank Drills and Core Drills; Drills, Taps, Endmills, Reamers; KENNEDY 8-Drawer and 3-Drawer Tool Boxes; KENNEDY 7-Drawer, (2) 2-Drawer Mid Boxes; Parts and Hardware Cabinets; Impression Stamp Sets; Abrasives; Welding


BENDIX CORDAX 1808 CMM Machine, s/n NA, w/Bendix DRO, 26" x 31" work area, 24" x 20" x 18" work envelope, 35" x 54" x 8" crystal pink granite surface plate.

CADILLAC 12" Height Master; 12" Dial Height Gage; STARRETT 38" Vernier Height Gage; BROWN & SHARPE 26" Vernier Height Gage; KONA 24" Vernier Height Gage; WEBBER Gage Block Set; KKS Gage Block Set; STARRETT 15" Master Level; MITUTOYO 80" Vernier Caliper; PHASE II 60" Vernier Caliper; AEROSPACE 12" Dial Caliper; MITUTOYO 8" Digital Caliper; BROWN & SHARPE 6" Digital Caliper; BROWN & SHARPE 6" Dial Caliper; STARRETT 14" Vernier Caliper; CHAUN 0–12" OD Mic. Set; STARRETT 36"–40", 20"-24" OD Mics.; MITUTOYO 30"–36", 24"–30", 16"–20" OD Mics.; TUMICO 24"–30", 18"–24", 12"–18" OD Mics.; FOWLER 12"–18" OD Mic.; MITUTOYO 11"–12", 10"–11", 9"–10", 7"–8" OD Mics.; STARRETT 9"–10", 8"–9", 7"–8" OD Mics.; MITUTOYO & STARRETT OD Mics. 6"–7", (2) 5"–6", 4"–5", (2) 3"–4", 2"–3"; STARRETT 4"–5" Blade Mic.; MITUTOYO 2"–3", 1"–2" Blade Mics.; FOWLER 0–1" Deep Throat OD Mic.; MITUTOYO .625"–.8", .5"–.625" Bore Mics.; MITUTOYO 10"–16", 6.5"–10" Dial Bore Gages; PEACOCK 1.5"–2.5" Dial Bore Gage; MITUTOYO .7"–1.4" Dial Bore Gage; LUFKIN 6"–12" ID Mic.; MITUTOYO Dial Depth Gage; FOWLER 0–6" Depth Mic. (2) STARRETT Depth Mics.; FEDERAL 4" Dial Snap Gage; MOJAVE 36" x 84" x 8" Granite Surface Plate, w/stand.


HYSTER 80 8,000-Lb. Cap. LPG Forklift, s/n NA, w/2-stage mast, solid yard tires.


Morning of Sale, 9:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M.


FROM ORANGE COUNTY: Take the 605 Fwy. north. Exit on Live Oak Avenue and turn right. Live Oak Avenue becomes Arrow Hwy. Turn right on Gayhurst Ave. Look for "Auction Today" signs.

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